Baixe A Juggler's Tale
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Baixe A Juggler's Tale Jogo Torrent


Baixe agora mesmo Jogos Torrent! Torrent e link de download direto estão disponíveis para você. Desfrute do mais recente lançamento com facilidade e rapidez. Jogue hoje, já pré-ativado para sua conveniência e diversão sem limites! A Juggler's Tale

A Juggler's Tale (2021) PC | License

Name: A Juggler's Tale
Release date: September 29, 2021
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: kaleidoscube
Publisher: Mixtvision
Platform: PC
Publication type: License
Interface language: Portuguese [BR-PT], English, Multi10
Voice language: English, German
Crack/Activator: Present (FLT)

Description: Guide the puppet Abby through a dark fairytale world, solving riddles, avoiding traps and escaping pursuers in this atmospheric adventure game A Juggler's Tale.

Abby is a performer captivated by the circus. During the day she entertains the public, and spends her nights in a cage, yearning for freedom. One day she escapes from the circus and finds herself in a mystical world.

But freedom comes at a price, and Abby soon finds herself embroiled in the dangers of this world. In a war-torn medieval tale, Abby, surrounded by ravaged and hungry villagers and pursued by the relentless thug Tonda, is forced to cross turbulent rivers, navigate bandit camps and avoid traps.

Her adventures are accompanied by lyrical poetry from puppeteer Jack, who tells the story while holding the puppet strings tightly in his caring hands.

Who can Abby trust? Can she find a way to truly free herself? Even though Abby is dangling by strings, will she be able to realize that she still has control over her destiny?

System requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
Video card: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 / Radeon HD7870
DirectX: Versions 11
Disk space: 3 GB

Game Features:
Use puppet strings to solve unique puzzles, avoid obstacles, cross turbulent rivers, sneak through bandit camps and overcome dangerous traps to gain freedom.
Explore a beautiful and dark world inspired by the style and mood of traditional fairy tales.
Live an intense story of hope and empowerment with folk-inspired music and an ever-present, charismatic voice.
Find out what you need to do to truly become thread free.

1. Mount the image
2. Install
3. Copy the tablet from the FLT folder (on the image) to the folder where the game is installed
4. Play

A Juggler's Tale
A Juggler's Tale
A Juggler's Tale

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