Baixe Aery – Calm Mind
 Jogo Torrent

Baixe Aery – Calm Mind Jogo Torrent


Baixe agora mesmo Jogos Torrent! Torrent e link de download direto estão disponíveis para você. Desfrute do mais recente lançamento com facilidade e rapidez. Jogue hoje, já pré-ativado para sua conveniência e diversão sem limites! Aery – Calm Mind

Aery – Calm Mind (2021) PC | License

Name: Aery – Calm Mind
Release date: July 22, 2021
Genre: Simulation
Developer: EpiXR Games UG
Publisher: EpiXR Games UG
Platform: PC
Publication type: License
Interface language: English
Voice language: English
Crack/Activator: Present (TiNYiSO)

Description: Aery – Calm Mind is an interactive game designed to relax your mind and soul. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, feel the feeling of flight and immerse yourself in beautiful and atmospheric landscapes.

Each level consists of two parts. The first is an introduction to the general theme and the second is one that gives a little more time to play around and enjoy the beauty of the area. Of course, you can always choose the level that you find helps you relax the most. Most levels can be completed fairly quickly, so you're free to spend your time exploring the environment, but you don't need to stay too long if you're just looking for a short moment of peace and enjoyment.

System requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: i5
Video card: NVIDIA GTX600
Disk space: 2 GB

1. Mount the image
2. Install
3. Copy the tablet from the TiNYiSO folder (on the image) to the folder where the game is installed
4. Play

Aery - Calm Mind
Aery - Calm Mind
Aery - Calm Mind

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