Baixe Age of Darkness: Final Stand
 Jogo Torrent

Baixe Age of Darkness: Final Stand Jogo Torrent


Baixe agora mesmo Jogos Torrent! Torrent e link de download direto estão disponíveis para você. Desfrute do mais recente lançamento com facilidade e rapidez. Jogue hoje, já pré-ativado para sua conveniência e diversão sem limites! Age of Darkness: Final Stand

Age of Darkness: Final Stand (2021) PC | Early Access

Name: Age of Darkness: Final Stand
Release date: early access from October 7, 2021
Genre: Strategy (RTS), Survival
Developer: PlaySide
Publisher: Team17
Platform: PC
Publication type: Early Access
Interface language: English
Voice language: English
Crack/Activator: Not required

Description: Immerse yourself in surreal horror in the medieval fantasy real-time strategy title Age of Darkness: Final Stand, battle the nightmare that lurks in the eerie green mist, and survive the eerie, deadly nights hidden in the fortress…

The game takes place in a creepy medieval fantasy world in which something happened. A mysterious green fog enveloped everything around and practically destroyed humanity. Monsters hiding in the darkness of the fog, eerie creatures and creatures called nightmares, attack every night and try to destroy the remnants of humanity, and only you can stop this. Travel to the last bastion of humanity and fight back against the fog.

This is a real-time strategy game with a focus on survival. Here you don't have to deal with economics and all that stuff. Much more awaits you here. This includes survival in the most difficult conditions, and the creation of squads and armies that can resist monsters, and the study of abilities that can repel the fog, and tactical battles involving tens and hundreds of combat units.

The gameplay as a whole is not complicated, but offers a lot of interesting things. For example, consider the fact that battles here mostly take place only at night. At night, enemies will attack your fortress in full, crush the walls, destroy everything that is dear to you, but during the day you will be able to explore the environment, rebuild walls, train new warriors.

And here you will have to fight bosses, extract resources important for victory, upgrade the heroes you put at the head of your squad, and more. But be careful. In Age of Darkness: Final Stand, any miscalculation could cost humanity its existence. Weigh and think through your every step, be alert and do not make far-reaching plans, because all of them can be destroyed in just one night.

System requirements:
OS: Windows 8.1, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-6600 or AMD FX-8350
Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760, 2 GB or AMD Radeon HD 7870, 2 GB
Disk space: 5 GB

Age of Darkness: Final Stand
Age of Darkness: Final Stand
Age of Darkness: Final Stand

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