Baixe Murder Mystery Machine
 Jogo Torrent

Baixe Murder Mystery Machine Jogo Torrent


Baixe agora mesmo Jogos Torrent! Torrent e link de download direto estão disponíveis para você. Desfrute do mais recente lançamento com facilidade e rapidez. Jogue hoje, já pré-ativado para sua conveniência e diversão sem limites! Murder Mystery Machine

Murder Mystery Machine (2021) PC | License

Name: Murder Mystery Machine
Release date: August 25, 2021
Genre: Adventure, Logic, Point & Click
Developer: Blazing Griffin
Publisher: Microids
Platform: PC
Publication type: License
Interface language: Portuguese [BR-PT], English, Multi14
Voice language: None
Crack/Activator: Present (FLT)

Description: In Murder Mystery Machine, you join the county's crime squad in an isometric contemporary noir detective thriller. Explore detailed crime scene dioramas, efficiently organize evidence, and blur the lines between good and evil to prove the crime.

On her first day of work at the county crime department, newcomer Cassandra Clark is partnered with the sullen and burnt-out detective Nate Houston. They are assigned to investigate the murder of a prominent politician, and although all the evidence points to a botched robbery, the detectives soon find themselves embroiled in a complex and interconnected series of crimes that will be very difficult to solve.

System requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel i3 6100 or equivalent
Video card: GTX 600 or equivalent
Disk space: 2 GB

Game Features:
Explore detailed isometric crime scenes, moving through perspectives to uncover new clues. Interrogate suspects and find contradictions in testimony to bring them to light. Can you distinguish between a false trail and a clue?
Display crime scene evidence, suspect interviews, and expert reports on the wall. You have to organize your workspace so as not to miss anything, and get to the bottom of the true reasons and persons involved.
Enjoy a detailed and compelling noir-style story from film and television professionals, the BAFTA Award-winning company Blazing Griffin. With multifaceted characters and a dark, oppressive setting, expect the unexpected as the scales of justice tip.

1. Mount the image
2. Install
3. Copy the tablet from the FLT folder (on the image) to the folder where the game is installed
4. Play

Murder Mystery Machine
Murder Mystery Machine
Murder Mystery Machine

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