Baixe Super Toy Cars Offroad
 Jogo Torrent

Baixe Super Toy Cars Offroad Jogo Torrent


Baixe agora mesmo Jogos Torrent! Torrent e link de download direto estão disponíveis para você. Desfrute do mais recente lançamento com facilidade e rapidez. Jogue hoje, já pré-ativado para sua conveniência e diversão sem limites! Super Toy Cars Offroad

Super Toy Cars Offroad (2022) PC | License

Name: Super Toy Cars Offroad
Release date: February 18, 2022
Genre: Arcade, Racing
Developer: Eclipse Games
Publisher: Eclipse Games
Platform: PC
Publication type: License
Interface language: English, Multi6
Voice language: None
Crack/Activator: Present (PLAZA)

Description: The game Super Toy Cars Offroad will take the series off the beaten track straight into mud, sand, snow and other difficult soils! Forge your own path in this fast-paced arcade racing game, driving miniature SUVs through incredible tracks made from oversized household objects.

Take your SUV where no toy has gone before! Make your mark on the hot sand of the beach, maneuvering between sunscreen tubes and sand castles, or ride through the pristine white snow between huge snowboards and ski goggles. These are only two options, but in total there are 15 tracks in the game with amazing details!

In the game Super Toy Cars Offroad you will have a choice of 20 very different cars: from ATVs and buggies to regular cars and big trucks. It's important to choose a fast car, but don't forget about power! The competition won't be easy, and size matters, so choose your vehicle wisely to crush your opponents with your huge wheels or leave other people's cars far behind!

There is no other game that will allow you to relive the exact experience of playing cars. You will remember how you played on vacation or in the yard! Buckle up and race cross-country in this new Super Toy Cars adventure!

System requirements:
OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel i3 or similar
Video card: NVidia 550 or similar
DirectX: Versions 10
Disk space: 4 GB

1. Mount the image
2. Install
3. Copy the tablet from the PLAZA folder (on the image) to the folder where the game is installed
4. Play

Super Toy Cars Offroad
Super Toy Cars Offroad
Super Toy Cars Offroad

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