Encountering issues with running a downloaded game? Follow these helpful troubleshooting tips:

  1. Before downloading games, disable your anti-virus and Windows Defender. They may wrongly flag crack files as threats, preventing game launches. To prevent re-downloading, restore quarantined files from your anti-virus vault. Simplify this process by adding game folders to your anti-virus exclusions.

  2. Look for Redist folders and install any necessary runtimes like DirectX, Visual C++, .NET Framework, etc. This typically resolves most missing DLL errors.

  3. To address “game not saving” errors, run games as Administrator. Simply right-click the game executable and select “Run as Administrator”.

Note: “Hotlink protection” errors arise when download links are copied and pasted rather than downloaded directly from our site. At present, Brave browser cannot download our files.

For JDownloader users: Instead of the uploadhaven link, copy the actual download URL from your browser’s Ctrl+J dialog. Paste this direct download link into JDownloader to avoid hotlink protection issues.